-Photos taken @ Surf City beach area!  Location meeting place will be discussed week of.

-Proofs will be returned for viewing within 7-10 days of your session.  Please account for this when needing them by a certain date.  A RUSH FEE WILL BE REQUIRED IF PROOFS ARE NEEDED BEFORE 10 DAYS FROM SESSION DATE.  This fee will need to be purchased at the time you purchase your Quick Take spot and can be located under our "Specialty Goods." 


**Please choose "No Shipping" when purchasing your Quick Take.


What's included in my Quick Take purchase?

• 20 minute session@ beach location near Surf City
• $125 Print or Digital Image Coupon when you place your order within 7 days of receiving proofs.
• 20+ "Finish Proof" images to choose from online gallery (received 7-10 days after session)
• Focused on one grouping.  Other groupings as time allows.   One Quick Time slot includes one outfit.   Book additional time slots to have greater variety and groupings. 

• CD of all images price varies according to how many images, groupings and people are included in portrait session.

Beach Sessions @ Surf City Mon; Aug 16th

  • If weather prohibits us from making great portraits, we will reach out to you to reschedule.  Keep in mind that summer thunderstorms can pop up at the last minute.  We would reschedule you as soon as possible.   Please remember that beach weather is full of humidity, sand and especially wind. Prepare hair, makeup and clothing accordingly.   Beach sessions are not easy for Extended Familes, especially if you are planning for everyone to have perfect hair.  We may schedule those in a location that is in an area that is easier to control.