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-Photos will be taken on our Tan Backdrop @ Johnston Union Church! Samples of the backdrop are attached as images to this listing.

-Session will be 5-10 minutes in duration so please be punctual.

-A printed proof sheet will be returned to you for placing an order.

-NO obligation to make a purchase.

-Chosen image to be displayed in your church's member directory.


**Please choose "No Shipping" when booking your time slot. You will need to complete the checkout process & will receive a receipt of your booking when completed successfully.


You will need to book a Paid Quick Take Time Slot at our studio if needing/wanting:

  • A longer session; with or without changing outfits (Purchase a timeslot for every outfit; 3 outfits would need 3 timeslots)
  • A date other than the currently offered Dates for us to be at your church (02/18/24, & 02/19/24)
  • An outside session.

Mon; Feb 19, 2024


  • • Small Prints, Wall Portraits, Composites, Montages, and additional images available
    • In Studio Order Appointment available upon request 
    • "All Image Digital CD/USB" price varies depending on number of people and quantity of images produced for ordering

  • Please let us know if you would like all of your images in Full Color or if Mixed Color Effects are ok.  Mixed Color Effects will incorporate Color Images, Black & White, Half-tone Images (a muted color effect), and Speciaty Color Washes on your images.  There is an additional charge to convert your images to Full Color after we have already proofed them.

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