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-Photos taken @ our In-Studio space!

-No minimum purchase required with Quick Takes!

-Proofs will be returned for viewing within 7-10 days of your session.  Please account for this when needing them by a certain date.  A RUSH FEE WILL BE REQUIRED IF PROOFS ARE NEEDED BEFORE 10 DAYS FROM SESSION DATE.  This fee will need to be purchased at the time you purchase your Quick Take spot and can be located under our "Specialty Goods."


**Please choose "No Shipping" when purchasing your Quick Take booking. You will choose a shipping method after receiving your proofs & placing your online order.


What's included in my Quick Take purchase?

10 minute session @ our Studio

(Address to be emailed day before session) 
$65 Print or Digital Image Coupon when you place your order within 7 business days.
20+ "Finish Proof" images to choose from
• Focused on one grouping


Backrgounds Available: (Some samples attached to this listing)

  • Washed Brick
  • Tea Time
  • Many Children's/1yr Backdrops
  • Magic Kingdom
  • Formals - choose from Cream, Navy, or Black Damask


    When You Should Book An Additional Timeslot:

    • Changing Outfits (Book a timeslot for every outfit; 3 outfits would need 3 timeslots)
    • Extended Families with 7 or more people
    • Custom & Extensive Prop Setup
    • 1 year Cake Smash with 1 outfit requires 2 timeslot purchase


    Sat; Aug 17, 2024

    • • Print/Digital Coupon may be used towards any of our products including Digital Images or Professional Prints

      • If you are wanting a longer session, purchase an additional time slot for every background or outfit change.  One year cake smash sessions require two time slots to be purchased in addition to any outfit changes.
      • Booked online only for specific time slot 
      • Proofs returned within 7-10 days of session date 
      • Small Prints, Wall Portraits, Composites, Montages, and additional images available
      • In Studio Order Appointment available upon request 
      • "All Image Digital CD/USB" price varies depending on number of people and quantity of images produced for ordering

    • Please let us know if you would like all your images in Full Color or if Mixed Color Effects are ok.  Mixed Color Effects will incorporate Full Color Images, Black & White, Halft-tone Images (a muted color effect), and Speciaty Color Washes on your images.  There is an additional charge to convert your images to Full Color.

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