How much will the Occuity Glucose Monitor cost?

As we are still in the research and development phase, this has not yet been determined. We will pursue all avenues to get the monitor to as many people as possible and the Occuity Glucose Monitor will be very competitively priced. The intention is that the meter will be provided on a contract – like a mobile phone – rather than sold outright. And the price per month will be similar. You can help us decide the answers to this and many other similar and crucial questions by joining our community and taking part in relevant surveys.

What will the Occuity Glucose Monitor be like?

As a personal use device it is important to us that the Occuity Glucose Monitor is a pleasure to own and to use. Our Design Director, Daniele De Iulliis, joined Occuity having spent 27-years contributing to Apple's world class industrial design team and leaving behind a legacy of iconic products that helped change the consumer electronics world forever. Among his many professional accomplishments during his tenure at Apple, he is named as an inventor of over 400 design and utility patents. Daniele is responsible for the design of all of Occuity's products. We look forward to sharing some exciting design visuals with you shortly and keeping you up to date on our progress.

When will the Monitor be available?

The Occuity Glucose Monitor is currently in the research and development phase. The development of medical devices necessarily takes a number of years as it is necessary to build prototypes, undertake extensive clinical trials and submit the results for detailed regulatory approval.

But you can help to accelerate this timeline by letting us know what you want to see in the meter and perhaps by being involved in the trials.

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Will there be any opportunities to invest in Occuity?

Occuity recently completed a successful round of funding through the Angel Investment Network which is enabling us to accelerate the research and development of our portfolio of products. We anticipate providing people who believe in our vision, with the opportunity to invest in Occuity in the future. To be the first to hear about these opportunities, please sign up for our diabetes community or contact us on our investors page.

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