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We are currently updating these pages so some information may be missing.

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We have various chairs and props found on our farm for outdoor sessions.

Booking Guidelines

Familes - Single Family with Grandparnet, 2nd timeslots needed for individuals with grandparents Extended F

How many time slots should I book?

book 1 time slot

One Family Unit OR One Family + Grandparents (1 Outfit/Background/Area Only)

book 2 time slots

One Family Unit (2 Outfits/ Backgrounds/Areas/more variety) OR Two Family Units with Individuals (1 Outfit)

book 3 time slots

One Family Unit (3 Outfits/Backgrounds/Areas/more variety) OR Extended Family with multiple family units (3 Family Units or more/1 Outfit)

- How to Book -

You may book directly through our website. Choose either an In-Studio or Outdoor date/time listing. Outdoor sessions are offered at specific times due to lighting. Outdoor sessions are only available for booking April through October. The 1st week of November wraps all outdoor sessions until Spring.

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