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We are currently updating these pages so some information may be missing.

Shoot us an email if clarification is needed on anything!


Celebrate & introduce your wonderfully made new baby! Newborn portraits will forever bring you back to the moment you felt when holding and gazing at the greatest creation of your life.


Newborn Sessions are best when your infant is within the first 7-21 days of birth. We ask to book during the week Monday-Thursday as weekdays are more laid-back and for new parents.


We have a wide range of buckets, baskets, headbands, and backdrops. You will need to provide any special items you would like used such as family heirlooms, blankets, or occupational items.

Booking Guidelines

Book a time slot for every outfit or backdrop you would like to be photographed in/on. If needing us to travel to a specific location of your choice, an On-Location Session will need to be booked. You may book as many time slots you need.

How many time slots should I book?

book 1 time slot

Baby Only (1 Idea/Backdrop) OR Family Only OR Sibling Only

book 2 time slots

Baby Only (2nd Idea/Backdrop) -OR- Family Grouping AND Baby Only -OR- Family Grouping AND Siblings Grouping -OR- Sibling Grouping AND Baby Only (1 Outfit/Idea/Backdrop)

book 3 time slots

Baby Only (3rd Idea/Background) -OR-Family, Baby, and Siblings Groupings (1 Outfit/Idea/Backdrop)

- How to Book -

You may book directly through our website. Please follow our booking guidelines when deciding how many time slots are needed.

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