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We are currently updating these pages so some information may be missing.

Shoot us an email if clarification is needed on anything!


There's something about being in your own element!


Perfect for Extended Families, Seniors, A Homestead Showcase


We will use the things you have available at your property.

Booking Guidelines

We are available for On-Location sessions during the months of Jan, Feb, May-Sept. We are also limited in the amount of On-Location sessions we can book. You may purchase 2 listings if you believe additional time beyond the standard 1.5 hours will be needed. Please note: An additional travel fee may be required for locations greater than 30 miles from our workshop in Willow Springs.

How many time slots should I book?

book 1 time slot

Does not apply for On-Location sessions.

book 2 time slots

Does not apply for On-Location sessions.

book 3 time slots

Does not apply for On-Location sessions.

- How to Book -

You may book directly through our website by purchasing the On-Location listing. We are available to travel during certain months of the year so if an On-Location listing isn't available during a specific month, we are unable to travel during that time. We will contact you to arrange a date after receiving your online order.

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