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- Photos Session taken @ Sunflower Field

- Definitive dates will be announced as soon as we learn when the field will be ready (Read "Things to Consider" for more information)

- Proofs will be returned for viewing within 7-10 days of your session.  Please account for this when needing them by a certain date.  A RUSH FEE WILL BE REQUIRED IF PROOFS ARE NEEDED BEFORE 10 DAYS FROM SESSION DATE.  This fee will need to be purchased at the time you purchase your Quick Take spot and can be located under our "Specialty Goods." 


**Please choose "No Shipping" when purchasing your Quick Take.


What's included in my Quick Take purchase?

• 10 minute session@ Sunflowers (Four Oaks, NC Location)
• $50 Coupon to use towards your Print or Digitial Image order when you place your order within 7 days of receiving your proofs.
• 20+ "Finish Proof" images to choose from 
• Focused on one grouping.  We will do other groupings as time allows.   Book more than one time slot for more variety and groupings. 

• CD Price of all images depends on how many images were produced, how many people were photographed and how many groupings.   We will tell you that "CD category" in your session live email.  

Sunflower Pre-Book | Four Oaks, NC (July 2024)

  • The Sunflowers is a highly sought after session.   It creates amazing portraits.  However, it is also one of the hardest sessions of the year.   Keep in mind that it is very humid/hot outside, the gnats are out, and you get dirty in the fields.   We will send you more information to help with these things, but we want you know the "realness" behind the masterpieces!     We are at the mercy of mother nature on timing of when they are perfect for portraits.   Each year the field times out a little different according to the weather (rain, storms, heat) that we have had previously.   Each field looks a little different because of that too.  The height of the flowers may be lower or higher than samples.  We try to include samples that have both so you can see how we use not only the flowers but also the greenery (aka leaves) and skyline... well and the dirt too!  All of it is beautiful!

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