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Add this service to your cart if:

  • You love an image, however, the facial expression of another image is more desirable.


Priced per swap

1 Headswap = Quantity of 1 = $10

2 Headswaps = Quantity of 2 = $20

3 Headswaps = Quantity of 3 = $30, etc



1.  Choose the quantity of headwaps to be performed.  Please choose correctly or a balance may be due at pickup.


2.  Indicate in the text fields located on this page what image number(s) you want for your final product, followed by the desired head/facial expression number.


3.  Add to Cart!


Please note that body angles must be similar for a seamless integration of the two images.  We may choose another image if necessary.


**Your session name (SmithJane0419) only needs to be given once on an entire order if ordering from a single session.


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